100% Water

Jaden Smith & Drew FitzGerald founded JUST to do packaged water better.

Next, they tackled the challenge of water insecurity. Tragically, many areas in the US- often communities of color- don’t have the access to the most basic human need: safe and clean water. Since first launched in Flint, MI, Water Boxes have filtered 70,000+ gallons of water for tens of thousands of people.

Proceeds from this limited-edition carton will support 501CTHREE's effort to bring clean drinking water to those who need it.

Thank you.

How Can I Get Involved and Help?


Create Your Own 501CTHREE  IG/FB Fundraiser

Rally your friends to pay it forward by utilizing the donation/fundraiser features to create your own 501CTHREE fundraiser with 100% of the proceeds going back to helping those lacking access to clean water. Just $10 provides 24 gallons of clean water to a family in need and replaces 192 single-use plastic water bottles.


Buy a Jug for someone in need

5-gallon refillable water carrier for a family’s drinking, cooking and hygiene. The jugs are handed out at the Water Box locations and can be brought back and refilled during Water Box operating hours. Each jug comes with a tap and cleaning instructions.

$ 16.95 USD


Rep Sustainable Fashion with our 501CTHREE carbon negative hoodie

100% of the proceeds from this hoodie go to communities who are water insecure. This hoodie is also carbon negative which includes carbon offsets for the shipping too.

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Choose Sustainable Water Options

When in need, select sustainable and responsibly sourced water options like JUST to plastic water bottles.

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Educate Yourself

Learn and share factual information with your friends and family about the water crisis, communities in need and micro-every day solutions like volunteering your time to communities in need or at a local Water Box.

• Need a place to start, check out our Bookshlf

• Get inspired with a conversation with 501CTHEREE Founder, Drew FitzGerald


Donate to a Water Box

Your donation helps 501CTHREE bring clean water to more comunities in need. With your help we can expand the program to commnunities across the USA

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