Saint Stephan's Evangelical Lutheran Church

7 Wilson Ave, Newark, NJ 07105

The Newark Water Coalition started in December of 2018 in response to widespread lead contamination in their community. NWC is now working to inform and educate the residents and other consumers about the dangers and ailments that are associated with the contaminants in Newark’s water. NWC is mobilizing and organizing their communities to demand clean water.

The arrival of Covid-19 made access to clean water even more difficult for the NWC and residents of Newark. Quarantine orders shut down travel in some parts of the city. The amount of water that can be purchased at one time has been restricted, and many residents do not have the capacity to transport purchased water or the money to afford it.

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Our first Water Box in Newark was delivered to NWC in August of 2020. With the Water Box, NWC can distribute far more water to their community and shift resources away from collecting water donations and towards community outreach and advocacy. More information about NWC here: https://www.newarkwatercoalition.com/

This Water Box quality & performance:


Single use 16 oz. plastic bottles replaced


Gallons of safe, free water distributed

How you can help right now

Buying this hoodie gives people safe water immediately.

100% of the proceeds from this hoodie go to communities who are water insecure. The hoodie is also carbon negative which includes carbon offsets for the shipping too.

$ 60.00 USD

More Water Boxes for people in need.

Your donation helps 501CTHREE bring clean water to more communities in need. With your help we can expand the program to communities across the USA.

$ 100.00 USD

People need jugs.

Refillable water carriers for an individuals drinking, cooking and hygiene. The jugs (carriers) are handed out at the Water Box locations and can be brought back and refilled during Water Box operating hours. It might seem like a minor donation, but to those in need, it means a lot.

$ 16.95 USD

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